New machine learning model unlocks the problem-solving potential of satellite data

New research by a group of scientists at UC Berkeley gives poor-data regions around the world the ability to analyze data-rich satellite images. The study, published in Nature Communications, presents a machine learning model that organizations and researchers with limited resources can use to uncover regional socio-economic and environmental information. The ability to remotely assess […]

New Release of NVIDIA Kaolin Library Streamlines 3D Deep Learning Research Workflows

3D deep learning researchers can use the kaolin PyTorch Library, which is available now, to build on the latest algorithms to simplify and accelerate workflows. The NVIDIA Kaolin Library, first published in November 2019, was originally written in the NVIDIA Toronto AI lab as an internship project. After writing repetitive boilerplate code and copying algorithmic […]

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Releases Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) recently released the Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit, co-developed with Professor Polo Chau of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Professor Xishuang Dong of Prairie View A&M University. The comprehensive teaching materials cover basic and advanced topics in data acquisition and preprocessing, accelerated data science with RAPIDS, scalable and […]

Machine Learning Frameworks Interoperability, Part 3: Zero-Copy in Action with an E2E Pipeline

introduction Efficient pipeline design is critical to data scientists. When creating complex end-to-end workflows, you can choose from a variety of building blocks, each specializing in a dedicated task. Unfortunately, repeatedly converting between data formats is an error-prone and performance-reducing endeavor. Let’s change that! In this blog series we discuss different aspects of efficient framework […]

NVIDIA Research: Tensors are the future of deep learning

This article explains tensor methods, their use in NVIDIA and their central importance for the next generation of AI algorithms. Tensors in modern machine learning Tensors that generalize matrices to more than two dimensions are ubiquitous in modern machine learning. From functions of deep neural networks to videos or fMRI data, the structure of these […]

Learn how to use deep learning for industrial inspection

NVIDIA GPUs are used to develop the most accurate automated inspection solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, electronics, automotive components and assemblies. Together with the accompanying software tools, GPUs enable efficient training of models for higher accuracy and optimized inference provision at the edge. These models significantly improve the accuracy of industrial inspection, resulting in […]

Computer vision can identify how an object needs to be packed, even while moving on a robotic arm.

Advanced warehouses process up to hundreds of thousands of orders per day. Meeting these quantities requires a lot of inventory, physical space, and complex workflows to support the high volume of items picked. In addition, micro-fulfillment centers are becoming increasingly popular for fulfilling customer orders with same-day delivery. The efficient operation of this type of […]

Meet the Researcher: Peerapon Vateekul, Deep Learning Solutions for Medical Diagnosis and NLP

Meet the Researcher is a series that highlights academic researchers who are using NVIDIA technologies to accelerate their work. This month’s spotlight is Peerapon Vateekul, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University (CU), Thailand. Vateekul is driving collaborative activities between the CU and the NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC), […]

What is a machine learning model?

When buying a car, the first question is which model – a Honda Civic for inexpensive commuting, a Chevy Corvette for looks and quick movement, or perhaps a Ford F-150 for heavy loads. To move towards AI, the most transformative technology of our time, you need a machine learning model. What is an ML model? […]

New suite of Nsight tools for game and graphics developers

Nsight Deep Learning Designer 2021.1 NVIDIA today announced Nsight DL Designer – the first in its class integrated development environment that supports the efficient design of deep neural networks for in-app inference. Download now! This SDK aims at in optimizing the often iterative process of designing deep neural network models for in-app inferencing by providing […]