MLOps with Google Kubernetes Engine and NVIDIA A100 Multi-Instance-GPUs easily and inexpensively

The rapid growth of artificial intelligence is driving up the size of data sets as well as the size and complexity of networks. AI-enabled applications like e-commerce product recommendations, voice-based assistants, and contact center automation require dozens to hundreds of trained AI models. Inference Serving supports infrastructure managers in the provision, administration and scaling of […]

Google Pixel 5 will be phased out ahead of the Pixel 6 debut, steep discounts are likely to come

Google has a penchant for discontinuing its flagship Pixel smartphones long before the immediate successor hits and establishes itself in the market. Last year, the company retired the Pixel 4 almost two months before the Pixel 5 was announced. Now, Google has announced that the Pixel 5 will be discontinued before the release of the […]

Upcoming Webinar: Building a Computer Vision Service Using NVIDIA NGC and Google Cloud

The NGC team is hosting a webinar and live Q&A. Topics include using containers from the NGC catalog provided by the Google Cloud Marketplace for GKE, a managed Kubernetes service on Google Cloud that easily builds, deploys, and runs AI solutions. Creating a Computer Vision Service Using NVIDIA NGC and Google CloudAugust 25 at 10 […]

Google TV Play and Watch Bundle Offer Offers Chromecast and Stadia Game Controllers for $ 100

With the current supply problems with computer parts, building a personal computer may be out of the question for a while; but people still want to play. Fortunately, cloud-based gaming is becoming a more viable option over time, and Google is now trying to support that with a new Chromecast package to bring Google TV […]

Accelerated model inference for machine learning in Google Cloud Dataflow with NVIDIA GPUs

In partnership with NVIDIA, Google Cloud announced today that Dataflow is introducing GPUs to the world of big data processing to open up new possibilities. With Dataflow GPU, users can now leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs in their machine learning inference workflows. Here we show you how you can access these performance benefits with […]

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge bring cool new innovations to copy and paste

Copying and pasting content from the web is becoming much more flexible thanks to some new APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that Microsoft and Google are working on for their respective browsers. Once installed, Edge and Chrome users can copy content from a wider range of sources, including .docx. What is at play here are a […]

EPYC Tau VMs from Google - PC perspective

Faster than a faster AWS, more powerful than an Azure instance Google’s new Tau VMs are powered by third generation AMD EPYC processors and the specs are impressive. There will be up to 60 vCPUs per virtual machine, with each Tau vCPU having up to 4 GB of memory that will be available later this […]

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla Push Unified Browser Extensions Platform

It seems almost impossible that four tech titans could be on the same side. However, it’s not entirely unprecedented when you consider that Apple and Google have managed to work together on COVID-19 contact tracing. However, it is much more common to read that companies take action against each other because of their differences. After […]

For example, Gmail users can now save images directly to Google Photos

This year’s Google I / O event spawned a slew of different Google announcements, such as: B. Changes in WearOS or the Android 12 public beta. While these announcements were in the spotlight, other useful changes were introduced to make Google’s workspace apps more productive. Now the company has announced a handy shortcut for consumers […]

Unlimited free Google Photos storage ends June 1st.  So what's the alternative?

At least Google has been telling everyone for six months that it needs unlimited, high-quality photo and video storage for non-Pixel owners, and will instead implement a 15GB cap. Still, it’s disappointing. The deadline is also fast approaching, as Google will put the new upper limit into effect on June 1, 2021. What are you […]