From zero to RAPIDS in minutes with NVIDIA GPUs + Saturn Cloud

GPU-accelerated computing is a game changer for data professionals and businesses, but using GPUs can be challenging for data professionals. RAPIDS eliminates these challenges by abstracting the complexity of accelerated data science through well-known interfaces. Using RAPIDS, practitioners can quickly accelerate data science workloads on NVIDIA GPUs and reduce operations such as loading, processing, and […]

Masterpieces in the cloud with virtual reality

Immersive 3D design and character creation get skyrocketed this week at SIGGRAPH with a demo of NVIDIA CloudXR on Google Cloud. The clip shows an artist with an untied VR headset using Masterpiece Studio Pro to create a fully manipulated character that is executed remotely in Google Cloud and streamed interactively to the artist using […]

Windows 365 Cloud PCs Are Popular When Free, Perhaps Not When Paid For

The free trial will be paused when prices are rolled out The new free trials of Microsoft 365 PC as a Service were so popular that Microsoft no longer had to accept new applicants as they reached the maximum supported capacity one day after launch. The number of people who wanted to try Windows 11 […]

Upcoming Webinar: Building a Computer Vision Service Using NVIDIA NGC and Google Cloud

The NGC team is hosting a webinar and live Q&A. Topics include using containers from the NGC catalog provided by the Google Cloud Marketplace for GKE, a managed Kubernetes service on Google Cloud that easily builds, deploys, and runs AI solutions. Creating a Computer Vision Service Using NVIDIA NGC and Google CloudAugust 25 at 10 […]

Accelerated model inference for machine learning in Google Cloud Dataflow with NVIDIA GPUs

In partnership with NVIDIA, Google Cloud announced today that Dataflow is introducing GPUs to the world of big data processing to open up new possibilities. With Dataflow GPU, users can now leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs in their machine learning inference workflows. Here we show you how you can access these performance benefits with […]

Windows 10 as a Service is making its way to the cloud with Windows 365

Everything is going to the cloud, it seems, and that now includes Windows with Windows 365. Windows 365 allows users to stream their Windows experience so you can pick up anywhere on any device from August 2nd, wherever you are have stopped. Although virtualization, remote access, and cloud-based devices have been the order of the […]

What is the cloud  |  Computer hardware

These days people talk about “the cloud” all the time, but what do they really mean? There is no agreed definition, which can make some conversations almost obscure. We can’t pretend to have the definitive answer – if there ever will be – but that’s how we think of “the cloud”. (And now let’s stop […]

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming For Prime Members That Want It

Seven days free trial, then $ 5.99 per month thereafter Amazon appears to be getting into the game streaming business before Netflix can get its supposed system up and running. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber in the continental US, you can request a seven-day trial of Luna on June 21-22. If you have […]

On-Demand Technical Sessions: Develop and deploy AI solutions in the cloud using NVIDIA NGC

At GTC ’21, experts presented a variety of technical discussions to help people new to AI or just those looking for tools to accelerate their AI development using the various components of the NGC catalog, including : AI container optimized to accelerate AI / ML training and inference Pre-trained models This provides an advanced starting […]

Keep games up to date in the cloud with GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW ensures that your favorite games are automatically up to date and avoids game updates and patches. Just log in, click PLAY and enjoy the best cloud gaming experience. Here is an overview of how the service keeps your library game ready at all times. Update games for all GeForce NOW members When a […]