Intel Core i9-11900KB Tiger Lake B-series CPU makes strong benchmark leak debut

It seems like Intel’s upcoming NUC 11 Extreme “Beast Canyon” kit is now in the wild, as it made an obvious 3DMark benchmark cameo, with a newfangled Tiger Lake-B processor in tow. According to two separate listings, the Beast Canyon system also has a full-size NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, 16MB of DDR4 memory, […]

This post was originally published on the RAPIDS AI blog. TL; DR: Google noted that “speed is not just a function, it is the function”. This applies not only to search engines, but to all RAPIDS. In this post, we present performance improvements for string processing in cuDF and cuML that enable acceleration in various […]

NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK 3.0 goes public with new application container

NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK 3.0 is available starting today! The Clara AGX SDK runs on the NVIDIA Jetson and Clara AGX platforms and enables developers to create end-to-end streaming workflows for medical imaging. The focus of this release is on providing additional support for NGC containers, including TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks, a new ultrasound application, […]

Dark Sky Is Going Dark

If you suspected that Apple would kill Dark Sky in 2020 … Dark Sky was a great weather app, good enough that Apple bought it as early as March 31, 2020 and had the website shut down so those who wanted to use it had to go to the Apple Store to buy it this […]

Accelerating Conversational AI Research with New State-of-the-Art NeMo Networks and Features from NeMo 1.0

NVIDIA NeMo is a conversational AI toolkit designed for researchers working on automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP), and text-to-speech synthesis (TTS). The main goal of NeMo is to help researchers from industry and science to reuse previous work (code and pre-trained models) and to facilitate the creation of new conversational AI models. […]

Broadcasting Studio uses NVIDIA Omniverse to create stunning space documentaries

The audience takes a tour of the moon with a scientific documentation showing China’s latest lunar research. Fly to the Moon, a series produced entirely in NVIDIA Omniverse by China Media Group (CMG), tells the story of China’s space missions and shares some of the best highlights from the moon lander Chang ‘e-4, which is […]

XPG STARKER And The Exoskeleton Design Language

Better than a battle cruiser and friendlier than the intruder The XPG STARKER seems like a great mid-tower case for a gaming build, at least according to TweakTown’s review of the new case. It houses all of the features we’ve come to expect, such as a tempered glass side panel and RGBs to make the […]

The Gauss rank transformation is 100 times faster with RAPIDS and CuPy 100

As explained in the stack normalization paper, training neural networks becomes much easier when their input is Gaussian. That is clear. And if your model inputs are not Gaussian, RAPIDS will convert them to Gauss in no time at all. The Gaussian rank transformation is a new standardization technique for the transformation of input data […]

OSU builds AV cybersecurity platform on top of NVIDIA DRIVE

Ohio State University researchers want to push autonomous driving to the limit. Autonomous vehicles require extensive development and testing for safe and wide use. A team from the Ohio State Center for Automotive Research (CAR) is building a Mobility Cyber ​​Range (MCR) – a dedicated platform for cybersecurity testing – in a self-driving car. Researchers […]

Do the Metaverse with us: Go behind the scenes at NVIDIA Omniverse, now streamed on Twitch

Hear directly from the engineers, designers, and developers who are at the forefront of the development of NVIDIA Omniverse, the virtual collaboration and physically accurate simulation platform, now live on Twitch. Our newly announced streaming calendar features: What is Omniverse? NVIDIA Omniverse is an open platform for developers, designers, and engineers like you to enhance […]