Surviving Mars is now free to download for PC until September 8th.  Grab it asap

If you are looking for an adventure in the Red Planet and you don’t have the ambitions of Elon Musk (or billions), we have the next best thing for you. Surviving Mars, developed by Haemimont Games, is currently available for free on the Steam store. However, you don’t have much time to act. The game […]

Checking Out The Mobile RTX 3050 Ti

Checking a hard-to-see component NVIDIA’s RTX 3050 Ti was unveiled more than a few months ago, but getting a gaming laptop that includes one was a little tricky. TechSpot finally got the chance to test the RTX 3050 Ti in XMG’s CORE 15 M21 laptop, which also has a Core i7-11800H and 16 GB DDR4-3200, […]

Considerations for Deploying AI at the Edge

Edge computing growth is a hot topic in many industries. The value of intelligent infrastructure can mean improvements in overall operational efficiency, safety, and even bottom line. However, not all workloads need or should be provisioned at the edge. Companies use a combination of edge computing and cloud computing to develop and deploy AI applications. […]

Cloudera, Spark Accelerate IRS Workflow with GPUs

With perseverance and the right tools, Deborah Tylor could do the impossible. As a data scientist, she was hired to search a 3+ terabyte dataset at the Internal Revenue Service for patterns that could help uncover fraud. But even when she ran the job all night on a large bank of CPU servers, the data […]

Alan Wake Remastered confirmed to launch Fall 2021 on PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5

“It’s not a lake – it’s an ocean.” Alan Wake fans will be excited to see a revamped version of the game available this fall. The game is published by Epic Games and is available for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X […]

Samsung PRO Plus 512GB microSD Card Review

And now to the value proposition. The PRO Plus microSD cards (the subject of this review) have the following list prices: Samsung PRO Plus 128GB microSD: $ 34.99 ($ ​​39.99 with optional USB 3.0 Samsung memory card reader) Samsung PRO Plus 256GB microSD: $ 54.99 ($ ​​59.99 with optional USB 3.0 Samsung memory card reader) […]

Hybrid HCI solutions with Azure Stack HCI and ThinkAgile MX, enhanced by Acuutech MESH

This datasheet explains that Acuutech ScopeSys helps simplify Azure Stack HCI and Lenovo ThinkAgile MX, making it easier to develop solutions and reduce time to market. The document explains the capabilities of the solution and highlights the most important features, including the turnkey service with pay-as-you-go payments as well as the proven Lenovo infrastructure and […]

Germany wants your phone manufacturer to guarantee software updates for 7 years

The regulatory authorities in Germany are urging smartphone manufacturers to extend the lifespan of their cell phones with more than a decade of security updates. Seven years to be more expensive, the EU Commission should be convinced by the arguments of the German government. And when that happens, it is reasonable to assume that this […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun Expansion Delayed, Highway To The Danger Zone To Open In 2022

We have some disappointing news for those who are longingly waiting for the Top Gun-themed Expansion Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the expansion pack for the game was originally due to be released later this year, that changed when Paramount decided to postpone the release of Top Gun: Maverick to May 27, 2022. As […]

Beware of this Windows 11 Alpha malware scam targeting unsuspecting PC users

A notorious cyber criminal is believed to be responsible for a malicious Word document that tries to lure victims by exploiting their curiosity about Windows 11, Microsoft’s next major operating system. The document started making the rounds in June, the same month a leaked Windows 11 ISO was exposed, followed by the deployment of the […]