Have you heard the buzz on Immerse Gaming HIVE?

Cheating or just using the tools available?

Immerse Gaming HIVE is software compatible with headphones that are compatible with Embody’s HRTF modeling engine that add full virtual surround to your listening experience with that little extra. As you play, it can overlay a small circle over the game you are playing that monitors the game’s audio to not only warn you when something is approaching but also to give you a visual indication of where it is Relationship with you.

Anyone who suspected this was “AI” controlled can get a cookie now, but it’s unlikely you guessed that setting up the software involved taking a picture of your right ear. This is used to personalize the header-related transfer function engine. The theory is that the size and shape of your ear affects how you hear. The software also offers settings for closed and open headphones as well as in-ear, not to mention different types of play.

The price isn’t too prohibitive, even if it’s licensed you can pay $ 15 annually or $ 40 for five years if you prefer. There is also a two-week free trial that you can try without showing a credit card. If you want to learn more about Immerse Gaming HIVE, you can check out Neoseeker’s review here.