The International Space Station's Canadarm2 robot is being damaged by increasingly worrying space debris

For over 60 years people have been throwing objects into space for various purposes. As soon as a satellite is obsolete or no longer needed, it orbits the earth aimlessly and can pose a threat to other space objects. Hence, it is a surprise that the International Space Station has not yet had a massive […]

A brand new EKWB Active Backplate for the RTX 3080 that you cannot get

It’s a water-cooled sandwich The EK-Quantum Vector Active Backplate can be checked at TechPowerUp together with the new GPU water block for RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. Once installed, the two completely enclose the top and bottom of your GPU with RGB water cooling, keeping all on-board components at a comfortable temperature. The plexiglass construction […]

Intel continues the attack on Apple M1, claiming its PC platforms have destroyed all Macs used in gaming

After Apple ditched a two-year transition plan to move away from the x86 core processor in favor of Intel’s own arm-based silicon, its former partner has the chance to speak up, and Intel has a few things to say. Intel did not hold back at Computex 2021, saying that systems based on its CPUs offer, […]

Intel and MediaTek expand 5G connectivity to more laptops with a simple M.2 stick

This morning we brought you news about two new additions to the Tiger Lake-U family from Intel: the flagship Core i7-1195G7 and the Core i5-1155G7. This isn’t the only big news in the Intel laptop world, however. The company also announced the latest developments in its partnership with MediaTek and Fibocom to deliver 5G modems […]

XPG, TeamGroup announce DDR5 modules with speeds of up to 7400 MHz for Alder Lake-S

As we near the rollout of the 12th generation Intel Alder Lake-S desktop processor platform, memory makers are getting more comfortable talking about their DDR5 product portfolio. One such company is XPG, which today announced its new Caster DDR5 memory family, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2021. According to XPG, caster […]

Intel Xe-HPG DG2 Discrete Gaming Card Board in Leaked Image

It’s no secret that Intel’s true desktop graphics card is on the way, affectionately known as the DG2. Thanks to a leak earlier this month, we know that Xe HPG (Xe High Performance Gaming) will apparently be available in five different flavors with 128 to 512 execution units. We also looked at the rumored PCB […]

Podcast # 630 - More Rumors About Ryzen Zen 4, Ryzen 7 vs. Core i7, Thermal PadGate, Win 10 is Best !, GEiL DDR4 4400 Review + More!

Nothing special here tonight folks out of town. However, you should listen to our podcast while driving. But not the YouTube version, keep an eye on the road. Hot and fresh burger served quickly. ASUS makes thermal pads in secret, Zen4 and Socket AM5 discussion and rumors, Ryzen 7 versus Intel i7, the next Windows […]

Researchers use GANs for the super-resolution of space simulations

Astrophysics researchers have long had a compromise when simulating space – simulations could either be high-resolution or cover a large part of the universe. With the help of generative opposing networks, they can achieve both at the same time. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California developed a deep learning model that […]

Corsair Updates Their Virtuoso Line With The RGB Wireless XT

Same bright sound with a less shiny cover A few years ago, Sebastian listened to Corsair’s VIRTUOSO RGB and VIRTUOSO RGB SE wireless headsets and gave them a Gold Award for sound quality, apart from the virtual 7.1 function, which was not as high quality as the other functions. Corsair updated the design of the […]

Chrome Changes It’s Sparkplug And It’s V8 Gets A Speed Boost

Like no one else cheats with Javascript Microsoft has given up trying to align its chakra and switched to Chredge from Alphabet’s V8 engine for Javascript, but Chrome will get a speed boost thanks to a change in the Vav Javascript engine they call Sparkplug. In the new version of Chrome 91, your web browser […]