How to speed up signal processing in Python

This post is the eighth part of the series of articles on the RAPIDS ecosystem. The series examines and discusses various aspects of RAPIDS that users use to solve ETL (extract, transform, load) problems, create ML (machine learning) and DL (deep learning) models, examine expansive diagrams, process signals and system logs, or can use SQL […]

Conversational AI Startup Dasha opens Platform Beta

Are you having a conflict with your 2pm appointment? Just turn up a quick assistant who takes good notes, and when your boss asks about you, he’ll even identify himself and explain why you’re not there. Beautiful fantasy? No, it’s one of many use cases that a team of around 50 ninja programmers, AI experts, […]

Replacing Google FLoC internet cookies starts with the global trial.  Here's what you need to know

At the beginning of this year, Google announced the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), which aims to improve user privacy on the Internet. While this has led to some scrutiny, such as an antitrust investigation by the Justice Department, it will hopefully result in a safe and responsible end to third-party cookies. The technology is […]

xCloud Streaming offers backward compatibility for glorious Xbox, Xbox 360 mobile gaming fun

Microsoft just made it possible to turn your phone or tablet into a retro gaming handheld of potentially epic proportions without rooting or bothering with ROMs. How so? Starting today, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can access over a dozen classic games through Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service (formerly Project xCloud). What the company has […]

GTC 21: Top 5 NVIDIA AI / DL Technical Sessions

NVIDIA GTC kicks off April 12 with 1,400+ sessions including the latest deep learning technologies for conversational AI, recommendation systems, computer vision, and streaming video. Here’s a preview of some of the best AI / DL sessions at GTC. Build and deploy a custom conversational AI app using NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit and Jarvis Adapting […]

DRAM prices could go up slightly when the Intel Rocket Lake-S hits the market

We should count our lucky stars that PC memory prices aren’t as high as they used to be – these days you can find brand-name 16GB DDR4-3200 kits that sell for less than $ 80. However, general prices could rise once Intel’s new Rocket Lake S range launches. Exactly how much remains to be seen. […]

Art and music in the light of AI

In the sea of ​​virtual exhibitions that surfaced last year, the NVIDIA AI Art Gallery offers a fresh combination of incredible visual art, musical experiences, and poetry that highlights the narrative of an emerging art form powered by AI technology. The online exhibition – part of NVIDIA’s GTC event – will feature 13 outstanding artists […]

NIH, NVIDIA Use AI to Track COVID-19 Disease Progression on Chest CT Images

Researchers at the US National Institutes of Health have worked with NVIDIA experts on an AI-accelerated method to monitor the severity of COVID-19 disease over time using chest CT scans of patients. This work, published today in Scientific Reports, examined the progression of lung opacity in chest CT images of COVID patients and extracted insights […]

AGB 21: Top 5 technical sessions for game development

This year at GTC we have a new track for game developers where you can join free sessions that cover the latest information on ray tracing, optimizing game performance, and creating content in NVIDIA Omniverse. Check out our top sessions for those working in the games industry: Ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077 Learn how ray […]

Maintaining container security as the core of NGC with Anchore Enterprise

Containers have quickly caught on in software development and delivery and have really given us the ability to manage the complexities of software. It’s not surprising that, according to a recent Gartner report, by 2023 more than 70% of global companies will run containerized applications in production. This corresponds to an increase of less than […]