hero steam anticompetitive mfn clause in store agreement

Valve was recently in hot water when the European Commission hit the game company with a $ 1.9 million fine for geo-blocking. Now, some players are suing Valve in California for anti-competitive clauses in developer agreements. Valve and several other developers have been named defendants for having entered into an anti-competitive contract with a “Most […]

geforce now chrome

When GeForce NOW launched, NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art gaming service supported streaming games that were rendered in cloud data centers on devices with a dedicated app. During 2020, the company opened its cloud gaming service to browsers, starting with Chrome on ChromeOS. By adding GeForce NOW support to Safari on iOS devices, NVIDIA has also been able […]

Podcast # 613 - AMD Made Great Dollars, So did Scalpers!  RTX 30 Series Laptops, Plex Arcade, and MS Need Your $ - Plus More!

Welcome Wednesday, and we’re all so grateful that it only happens once a week! Thank you for letting us know where we’re talking about the latest technical news that we found interesting enough to … well, talk about. AMD did really well in $$ for 2020, but so did the Zen 3 scalper market! RTX […]

Apple’s Silent Blastdoor

Quiet protection against zero-click attacks Apple has been very successful in convincing people of the security of iOS by not saying anything about it. Those of us who follow tech media are usually well aware of the various security issues that have been discovered on their devices, especially those that can be exploited without the […]

MSI SUPRIM RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Review

Final thoughts So far, 2021 hasn’t been easier for enthusiasts in terms of product availability compared to last year, and the RTX 30 series remains elusive at E-Tail (I think you just have to live near a micro-center). If the prices are available online at all, the pricing is still well above the MSRP. I […]

Try Thermal Pads, Grease is Gritty And Gets Into Everything

It doesn’t taste very good either Thermal paste is great and fills all the little gaps that exist between the lid of your CPU and the heat sink or cold plate that cools it down to keep that expensive piece of silicon happy. It isn’t exactly fun to under-apply, however, and your CPU will never […]

Manage the memory for acceleration structures in DirectX ray tracing

In Microsoft Direct3D, anything that uses memory is viewed as a resource: textures, vertex buffers, index buffers, render targets, constant buffers, structured buffers, etc. It is natural to think that every single object, such as B. a texture, is always a resource. In this post, I discuss the Bottom Level Acceleration Structures (BLASes) of DXR […]

HP EliteBook

It seems like HP will be ready to feed its business laptops with the latest generation Ryzen Pro processors from AMD as soon as they are officially launched. We’re talking about AMD’s inevitable leap to Zen 3 in its Ryzen Pro series. So far, AMD has announced Zen 3 processors for mainstream desktops and laptops, […]

The HP Envy x360, AMD’s Ultrabook

It’s probably the best we’ve agreed on ultraportables The new HP Envy 360 weighs just 2.86 pounds and is 307 mm wide and 16 mm thick. This is a little heavier than many ultraportables. HP took advantage of the extra space to add more USB ports. In addition to the full-size USB 3.2 Gen 1 […]

unboxed creative sbs e2900

While Creative Labs has expanded its product range to other areas, the company has never sacrificed its core competency: PC and home audio. The Sound Blaster maker has almost always offered speaker systems to pump out the audio from our favorite PC and console games. Today, that tradition lives on with the creative marketing of […]