jurassic world evo

Are you ready for dinosaur action? Epic Games is offering Jurassic World Evolution for free as part of its 15-day freebies so you can help life … uhh … find a way. Do you want to start humming the Jurassic Park theme song now or should I? Released in early 2020, Jurassic World Evolution features […]

The One And Only TrueNAS Mini X+ From iXsystems

iXsystems TrueNAS Mini X + has an interesting design Those who spend a lot of time disassembling, swapping out, and reassembling a NAS device may want to stay away from this particular product from iXsytems as they still haven’t accessed the expansion slot even after ServeTheHome has removed 16 screws. However, if you are only […]

Windows 7

Windows 10 is by far the most popular PC-centric operating system on the market and has quickly caught on after its first debut over 5 years ago (summer 2015). Despite its age, Windows 10 doesn’t “feel” like an old and crusty operating system, as Microsoft’s “Windows as a Service” strategy has kept it fresh with […]

Work In Progress; Check Out The Flow Browser Engine

From set-top boxes to your PC Ekioh isn’t a company you’ve probably heard of, but you’ve probably used the scalable vector graphics browser and didn’t know about it as it powers many TVs and set-top boxes. It was designed to be very easy, inexpensive to run, and only required a relatively simple GPU to power […]

Elgato Wave 1, Quality Audio For $120

Update your stream with a suitable microphone A gaming headset is good enough to scream at other gamers with epitaphs while gaming, although one that can’t exude those meanness is even better. However, if you have a proper discussion on the internet or stream your gameplay to the big wide world, the quality of the […]

2020; Technically There Were Some Good Parts

2020 hardware highlights Aside from the bad, there were a few good things that came out of 2020, and Hackaday racked his brain to come up with some of the best examples. One such highlight occurred at the beginning of the year, when a large number of people worked to develop effective open source ventilators […]

The Well Oiled 1STPLAYER LANG MK8 Keyboard

Customize your keyboard If you’re a fan of mechanical keyboards and have a very special taste, you should take a look at the 1STPLAYER LANG MK8. The only option that seems off the table is a number pad, since it’s a tenkey-less model. Other than that, you can choose from a variety of switches to […]

asus rog strix 1

CES 2021 is just around the corner, which means PC makers and accessory makers are preparing for a wave of new releases. The close proximity of CES 2021, which this time will be completely digital due to COVID-19, means leaks have occurred at a breakneck pace. Such is the case with the upcoming ROG Strix […]

evga xr1 giveaway hero

Just in time for the holidays, we’re back with another hot giveaway courtesy of our friends at EVGA! This time around, there are six (6) of EVGA’s new XR1 USB 3.0 capture devices to choose from, the first to be certified for OBS (Open Broadcaster). Whether you want to record a feed from your PC, […]

The startup's Jetson-based inventory management increases sales

Penn State University friends Brad Bogolea and Mirza Shah were living in Silicon Valley when they introduced Jeff Gee about their robotics concepts. Fortunately, the star designer worked in the Willow Garage robotics lab. So the three of them – Shah was also a software engineer at Willow – got together and founded Simbe Robotics […]