xbox series x s consoles

As early as 2005, Microsoft teamed up with ATi, now part of AMD, for the graphics processor of the Xbox 360. In the 15 years since then, the two companies have partnered to form a console alliance that will last forever. According to Microsoft, this is a relationship that allows it to be more closely […]

nook bros

There is no shortage of ways to quickly bank in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, there are so many different options that the question arises, “What do we do with all these bells?” The game has an incredible library of collectibles, but some of the rarest items are only available […]

PC Perspective Podcast # 603 - Radeon RX 6000 Event Talk, RTX 3070 Review, Nvidia Reflex & More!

The GPUs keep coming, and this week (mostly) AMD’s turn. Their live event to show the upcoming RX 6000 series in detail was earlier in the day, perfect timing. That evening we recap the AMD live event and examine the details of the numerous announcements of the RX 6000 GPU, which appear to compete with […]

The New DAN Cases DAN A4-SFX ITX Case

Look ma, no kick starter! The first versions of DAN Cases’ ITX case with space for a full-size GPU were released through successful Kickstarter campaigns. However, the new A4-SFX is available in retail stores and can be yours for around $ 219. This neatly designed 7.2L chassis measures 205 (H) x 112 (W) x 327mm […]

TMI About The AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphones

What is a modular headset? I’m glad you asked! If you have decided to order AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones, you have a wide choice as almost every component has different materials to choose from. Would you prefer microfiber, leather or alcantara ear pads and would they look better with foam, silicone, leather or microfiber pads on […]

Take part in unmatched RISC-V deals with SiFive

It’s not SciFi, but the new unsurpassed HiFive RISC-V computer Two years ago HiFive released its Unleashed RISC-V, a fully functional PC based on the open source architecture that was bought by fans almost as quickly as an Ampere GPU. The original was based on a 1.5 GHz five-core FU540 SoC. and had pretty limited […]

Roborace returns for season two

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, live sporting events usually take place in the stands without fans. At Roborace they also remove people from the field without sacrificing anything. Roborace envisions autonomous races for the future. The teams compete in standardized cars powered by their own AI algorithms and test functions such as speed […]

It’s Brave To Take On CNAME

The brave little cookie toaster There is an eternal war on the internet (no, not this one) between users who value the privacy of their metadata and browsing habits and advertisers who want to gather as much valuable information as possible. One of the newest tricks advertisers are using is to hide behind DNS records […]

Intel Unveils 11th Generation 8 Core Rocket Lake

1st Generation Intel Core S Series Intel has turned the silicon wheel again and given us a little more information about the upcoming 11th generation CPUs based on Cypress Cove Cores. With an expected availability early next year, these new CPUs will reach 8 cores and 16 threads – that’s 2 cores less than their […]

Hisense TV

There is still a month before Black Friday officially arrives, but as retailers have been doing in recent years, the bargains are coming earlier and earlier. With that in mind, Best Buy is touting a “Back Friday Ad Deals” event that is happening right now with “Hundreds of Specials Today” like the Hisense 65 “4K […]